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Fake ID’s rarely, and I mean RARELY, work anywhere on Mill Ave. Yet, every week, brave souls attempt to get away with getting into the bars on Mill with their fakes. Tempe Tip #1: Do Not Use A Fake On Mill. Do not even bother trying. It is not worth it. And more than likely, your ID will be taken, and it could even go as far as the police being called over to deal with you if you argue your fake being taken. Bouncers and security guards at every bar are trained to know the difference between a fake and real ID, and Mill Ave. bars are the most strict bars in the area surrounding ASU. Mark Iacovetta works security at a bar on Mill called Cue Club. I asked him some questions to show you just how serious Mill Ave. really is about people using fake ID’s.

Q: What is the typical process for checking ID’s at your bar?

A1: I check the date,height, eye and hair color, expiration date, then the picture. The features I look at are ears and eyebrows to see if they match up

Q: If something seems suspicious or off about a person and their ID, what is the next step(s) you take in ensuring that the ID does, in fact, belong to the person in possession of it?

Engaged 6 Residents Archives Of Page Active Pump 2 A2: I ask them questions about the ID and I ask for a second form of ID or anything with their name on it, last I have another door host check the ID

Q: If the card does belong to the person in possession of it, but you have suspicions about it being a fake ID, what are the next steps you take to find out if it is, in fact, a fake ID?

Of 2 6 Page Active Engaged Pump Residents Archives A3: I will tell them to either walk away or have the ID verified by the Police.

Q: Once a fake ID has been identified, what does your bar do with the card and the person?

A4: the bar puts the cards in a box of all the other ID’s we’ve collected. We either ask them to leave or get them arrested't Fight David The Minor Don C Alone In Possession Barry Charges q7CCwBxI

Q: If tensions escalate, and police get involved, what usually happens?

A5: they get arrested

Q: What if the ID is real, but the person in possession of it is not the person on the card? Does identity theft becomes the primary issue?

A6: I have no Idea usually not because it becomes a lot of paper work to give the individual a felony, It usually just becomes a citation

Q: What about friends? Is it common or uncommon for bouncers or security guards to get their underage friends into bars? Why or why not?

A7: I never do because it is a huge penalty if I get caught but Tempe is really strict about underage kids in bars usually in other states they are more relaxed, so yes I would say it is common for bouncers to let underagers in

Q: About how many fake ID’s get taken away at your bar each week?

A8: between 10-20

Q: Let’s go as far as talking about expired ID’s, as well. Are expired ID’s even accepted upon entry to the bar where you work?

A9: Our bar does not accept expired ID’s due to Arizona liquor law

Q: What is the craziest incident you have dealt with in regards to taking away a fake ID?

2 Engaged Pump Archives Of Page Active 6 Residents A10: when I caught a fake and the girl stood outside for the entire time the bar was open pleading with me to get the card back

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